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Haluksy, or lopsided toes are a deformity that affects many of us. Its occurrence is genetic, but we also often unwittingly support its occurrence. We wear footwear that is too tight, narrowed to the toes, high heels. And this causes the occurrence of this deformation, which is not only a cosmetic defect, but also causes pain and discomfort. Overweight or obesity, standing lifestyle are also significant. Women suffer from hallucinations more often, due to more frequent wearing of footwear that does not match their feet. There are a lot of ways on this market for this deformation, separators, correctors and finally gels such as Valgorect. This is one of the more modern products to fight with halux, which is also fabulously easy to use, because it is in the form of a gel. It relieves pain, inflammation, softens the bone growth. In addition, it renews joint tissue and reduces mineral deposits in the joints. This is the only such gel on the market!

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I have been an orthopedic doctor for over 20 years. Haluxes are the most common problem in my patients. It is incorrect to say that haluksy occur only in women, because they are also found in the case of men or even children! This is because their occurrence is genetically determined, and whether and how quickly they occur depends on us. Wearing comfortable and adapted footwear is very important, as well as not being overweight or obese. Under these conditions, our genetic conditions can affect the formation of halux more quickly, or our fingers may be even more deformed. And this is not welcome, because a person who has hallucinations experiences pain and discomfort, has trouble walking freely and often suffers from abrasions and irritation of the protruding part of the toe. There is a possibility of surgery, but the vast majority of my patients do not want to take such drastic actions. That's why I had to find a way that would quickly and easily help them deal with their ailment. And I found - it's Valgorect! Valgorect is in the form of a gel, so it is simple and pleasant to use for everyone. The preparation is used externally, so it has no harmful effect on our body. In addition, it is prepared only from natural and healthy ingredients. Using Valgorect, we immediately feel relief, and using it we systematically observe a gradual correction of the crooked finger. And this is very important, not only for the beautiful appearance and health of our feet, but also for the whole body posture and maintain balance! Before applying Valgorect, you should thoroughly wash and dry your feet, and then simply apply a layer of gel in the place of deformation and swelling and gently grease. It's very simple, pain relief comes almost immediately, and the first effects can be seen after a week. That is why I know that Valgorect is second to none in invasive halux treatment and I recommend it to my patients. And they unanimously state that they finally found a solution that did not disappoint them!

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Klaudia 30 age


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I love high-heels, but some time ago I had to give them up because the pain was unbearable. I was looking for a suitable, but non-invasive solution for hallux, then my friend recommended Valgorect and it was a hit!

Elżbieta 50 age


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Standing lifestyle and overweight did their job - my fingers deformed and I had so-called bunions. I went to a specialist, but I did not decide on surgery. Then I was recommended Valgorect, and although I use it very briefly - I already feel a huge difference!

Paweł 48 age


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In my family a lot of women complained about halux, but I never expected it to happen to me too! I learned that haluxes were genetic and I found Valgorect on the internet. Now, it's not enough that I don't feel pain in the end, I have recommended it to my mother and other women in my family.

Barbara 37 age


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I fought for a long time with haluks, which made my life very difficult. Walking was uncomfortable, not to mention physical activity ... Fortunately, I tried Valgorect, which helped me very quickly! I recommend!

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